What is AIME?


AIME was created by a group of young healthcare professionals in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy interested in giving back to the Chinese community. AIME stands for Assisting In Medical Expectations. As implied by the name, we hope to share professional knowledge and help the general public to reach their health expectations via a holistic approach, enabled by our interdisciplinary team. Our chinese name 昇華 stems from our underlying mission, which is to promote medical literacy to the Chinese community here in Toronto. We aim to do this by eliminating potential setbacks such as language barriers, often faced by these populations.

What We Will Do


We are holding free education seminars in community centers and libraries in the Greater Toronto Area in Cantonese and Mandarin. In these sessions, participants are informed of top medical and dental conditions. Each session is approximately one hour, including a Question & Answer session to interact with our our passionate healthcare professionals on a personal level. All interested participants are welcome. Please check out our "Upcoming Events" tab for more information on future events. If you are an interested in volunteering or sponsoring for our event, please check out our "Opportunities" tab.

AIME’s Mission

To raise medical literacy in the Chinese population by overcoming language barriers and providing access to reliable and professional health knowledge in their mother tongue.

Core Values - Commitment, Passion and Motivation

Our dedicated group of speakers are passionate in educating our fellow Chinese community and motivating them to achieve better health using an interdisciplinary approach.